Sugar Street Studio

Station One,Chapter 1

Walk Into Movie | HK 1st 5D Experience Hall

The urban myth “Sugar Street Studio” is based on the creation of a 4000-sq.ft experience hall at 8 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, that integrates movies, haunted houses and escape rooms. The props, special effects makeup and scenes are all carefully crafted by the film team, allowing you to be in the haunted house movie scene and get the most exciting and thrilling first-person experience!

HK most Frightening Experience

The movie experience hall uses the “Sugar Street Studio” as the main line of the haunted house, combined with the plot elements of the Hong Kong ghost film “Sugar Street Studio” directed by Liu Weng, setting up one shocking scene after another. A maximum of 4 players can participate, and they must cooperate bravely to break through the “Ghost Gate” and solve the puzzles to have a chance to escape the secret room!

A urban myth: 6-alarm fire

The main story of the haunted house tells an urban myth: in 1994, when the filming team was shooting the movie “Sunset” at the Sugar Street Studios, a six-alarm fire broke out. The most important story was that 4 people died. For this reason, Sugar Street Studios was later called the “Magic Ghost Studios”. We are waiting for you to solve the puzzle, fulfill the last wish for the undead, escape the secret room, and escape Hong Kong!

Are you ready for 60 minutes in the eerie haunted house?

In the entire 60-minute haunted house experience, to enhance your experience, you would personally receive a newspaper that records the 1994 fire accident, audition supporting role cards, movie tickets, and putting on staff clothes, etc. There will be a variety of experiences in the process. The scary horror scene carefully designed by our team!

Station Two,Chapter 2

Special Drink “Sunset” in Viewonwon Canteen

After clearing the levels, you can go to the restaurant on the side and enjoy a cup of special drink from “Sugar Street Studios”. Continue the entire experience.

Enjoy a fantastic journey of fusion cuisine

There are mysterious decoration styles of ancient castle colors, fantasy but not scary skeleton decorations, and a series of creative western dishes and desserts carefully made. In the bustling city, it will bring unlimited impact to your sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste!

Station Three,Chapter 3

Enjoy “Sugar Street Studios” Movie

After successfully escaping from the studio, everyone can enjoy the Hong Kong ghost film “Sugar Street Studio” directed by Director Liu Weng

The story of the film tells the movie special effects makeup artist Gary (Huang Yihao) and others, in order to get the opportunity to start the show, according to the requirements of producer Pierre (Zou Kaiguang), to create a low-cost haunted house paradise for the boss.

There was a fatal fire in the park area thirty years ago. Some actresses were burned to death in the accident, and their grievances appeared to scare people from time to time. Gary and others understood the truth behind the incident and discovered that the case involved a complicated triangular relationship…

The time and space of the movie is set 30 years later. The protagonists will work with the audience to uncover the truth of the tragedy of that year. The movie is shot in the experience hall and is currently only available to haunted house players.