Our Notion

Everything in the world is often buried in a dark side, which has become a part of your heart – grown into ghosts, horrors, positive & negative energy, legends.

Sugar Street studio is the beginning of a new life, you cannot hide and cannot be repelled.

60 minutes Death Experience | Struggle in the Movie

HK 1st “Sugar Street Studio ” in Hong Kong’s haunted houses will not only be presented in the cinema, but also brought to reality.

Viewonwon Mansion

The enjoyment of the hidden world liberates the dead soul – serves different innovative fusion dishes and exquisite desserts.

Vie-won-won Gift Shop

Cooperate with spiritual workers to launch limited edition products or consignment service. We aim to offer high-quality spiritual products & services with affordable pricing.

Event |Exhibition | Market

Cooperate with different cultural and artistic workers: Photography exhibition, spirituality themed market, workshop.

What we offer?

Affordable Luxury

High-quality spiritual products & services with affordable pricing.

Self Discovery Journey

Discover your : values, vision, goals, motivations, and beliefs.

Multi-dimension Entertainment

Experience a real, suspenseful, and horrifying tour.

Local Art & Movie Culture

Develop by-product lines with local artists.

What Other People Say